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After apprenticing under one of the New York region’s top sushi chefs, Ken Lee and his mother Shoko Lee opened the first Benten in Mt. Sinai, New York in 1990. His vision was to create a place that not only provided the best sushi and Japanese cuisine on Long Island, but one that was also an outlet for his tremendous creativity and passion for good food.

Feeling confined and limited, in 2008 Ken and Shoko purchased a new building in Miller Place. They immediately went about creating a space that would enhance his clientele’s dining experience and provide him with the space and equipment necessary to enhance his menu. A year and a half later he opened the new Benten.

Benten in Japanese mythology is one of the seven gods of luck. She is generally associated with the sea and many of her shrines are located in seaside locations. She is frequently depicted riding on—or accompanied by—a sea dragon. Mr. Lee thought this a fitting name for his restaurant.
Of all of the Japanese restaurants around this area now, this place is one of the oldest… They moved locations several years back from a strip mall further west, but the service and food is unfailingly superb. I have been going to this place with family since I was young, and always enjoy their sushi. Prices are great, ambiance and atmosphere are great, I would personally much prefer the more intimate and calm environment this place provides to some of the louder sushi establishments along 25A. Highly recommended.
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