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Sushi Lovers: Beware of Escolar

Many unscrupulous sushi restaurants will list White Tuna, Super White Tuna, Bincyo or White Fish on their menus. If you see any one of these menu selections, steer clear of both the dish — and the restaurant — because what you are being offered could be potentially hazardous to your health.

Escolar is a type of Snake Mackerel, and is the proper name for the sushi dishes listed above. And while the FDA is silent on this fish, the Japanese government banned the consumption of escolar in 1977, as they believe it to be toxic. Other governments have issued warnings and recommendations — and Italy has banned its consumption as well.

The main problem with Escolar is that it cannot metabolize the wax esters naturally found in its diet. These esters are called gempylotoxin, and are very similar to castor or mineral oil. These wax esters, which make the fish taste buttery and delicious, can cause gastrointestinal symptoms that range from mild to severe.

There is even a term for the gastrointestinal issues caused by Escolar — Keriorrhoea — that literally means “flow of wax.” We’ll let you fill in the rest of the picture.

BENTEN SUSHI DOES NOT SERVE ESCOLAR. We believe in serving only the finest sushi, labeled properly and served fresh to your table. We stake our integrity on these principles and always have our customer’s health and happiness in mind.

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Whether you’re dining with someone special or relaxing with friends and family, the Benten experience is like no other on Long Island. We use only the freshest hand-selected meat, fish and vegetables and executive chef Ken Lee lovingly prepares every meal with passionate creativity and strict attention to detail.

Delight in one of our signature rolls or give in to temptation and enjoy one of our imaginative daily specials. Whatever you choose, you’re in for an experience that will delight the senses.

Put your day behind you, step inside our restaurant and soak in the fusion of traditional and modern Japanese ambiance. We’ve painstakingly designed our space to put you at ease and enhance your dining experience.

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Visit Our World-Class Mt. Sinai Sake Bar.

The perfect compliment to one of our handcrafted dishes is sake or plum wine served in traditional Japanese style. We have a fully stocked sake bar featuring a wide array of tastes and flavors. Visit often, as we are constantly discovering new and exciting selections for you to enjoy.

Sake Bar in Miller Place and Mt. Sinai, New York

This place is for the discerning sushi connoisseur. You will be pleasantly surprised and will want to come back again and again.

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